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In the early 80's Edwin got interested into dance music like electro, hip hop & swingbeat. By the end of the 80's Edwin started (together with a couple of friends). It was at that time when he met Olav Basoski (Work) and later on Georgio Schultz (Kasjmer). When he heard "a guy called gerald - voodoo ray" & "sil – windows", Edwin got totally addicted to this kind of music. In the early 90's the illegal radio station got busted and Edwin and his friends started to broadcast legally with ZFM 107, at that time he met DJ Zki and Gaston (Chocolate puma, The good men, Jark Prongo) who also had a program on ZFM. In 1996 Edwin started playing music on "national" NEW dance radio where he was broadcasting on Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 till 16:00. In 1998 he quit, the NEW dance thing. It was at the same time (1992) that Edwin got interested in making music himself, he bought some equipment and started experimenting, his first piece of equipment was bought from Olav Basoski, an Akai x7000 sampler. In the summer of 1995 Edwin created Hold on tight, which became (and still is) a massive club hit. This song was released in lot's of country's and on enormous amounts of compilation CD's and on various labels (News,dancetools, La Maison Grande, Multiply etc.) Since then he made a lot of records under various disguises and on various labels. After doing several remixes (phonky phone, l'eveil, NY) with Da Goose (Jeffrey) they started their own label called Hi9. Booking & more @