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"Nothing has inspired me like “other-worldliness”. Ever since I was little, I was obsessed with creating my own universe, finding a treasure in a secret dungeon beneath my house, or finding Narnia in my closet. The escapism was exciting for me, I loved rollercoasters, Disney, Kingdom Hearts, but I especially took inspiration from visual-moving art and shutting the world out with music. I shut out the outer world as a way to cope with my intense sensitivity to this “real world” we reside in. The ability to take a photograph of a feeling and communicate it through a song is what I find most rewarding as a songwriter. It’s what helped me create the universe of “Ilandria." Ilandria is a singer-songwriter born in Machala, Ecuador based in New York City. In her early years, she grew up in Miami, FL performing rock music around Miami, FL and playing violin classically. She moved to NYC at the age of 17 with aspirations to become a singer and enrolling in the New School for Jazz and Contemporary music where she found her original sound and renamed herself “Ilandria”.