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TRAVELOGUE is a contemporary jazz group, founded by guitarist Werner Fischer. It consists of Swiss saxophon shooting-star Jürg Wickihalder, drummer Gabriel Schiltknecht and bassist Fredi Meli. They interpret Fischer’s own jazz compositions and selected jazz originals by kindred spirits. Former band members included pianist Roberto Domeniconi, Berlin-based bassist Nesin Howhannesjian, pianist/singer Mya Audrey, and bassist 'Big John' Zhang Ling from Beijing. Following their instrumental debut (Eastbound, 2003) and two studio productions with singers Sophie Dunér (Chinese Soul, 2011) and Coco Rouzier (The Light Is On, 2016), they now present their new

album Foreclosure - Live at the Kunsthaus, a passionate instrumental live recording. In addition to Fischer's driving jazz compositions, the recording shows the lyrical sides of the band as well as a certain affinity for free improvisation. Albums: Foreclosure (2018) The Light Is On (feat. Coco Rouzier) (2016) Chinese Soul (2011) Eastbound (2003) Other Pages: TravelogueWerner Fischer's B CoalitionThe Sam Trümpy Memorial Jazz CoalitionAll Standard GuitarsThe Bouncing Bits - Groove Ya!StarfishSchnayder's Cabin CrewWerner Fischer