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One Desire, The Poodles, TreatH.E.A.TEclipsePretty MaidsW.E.T.House Of Lords The Story: Second Reign was founded in mid-2017 with the mission of reviving the rocking eighties with a hint of modern touch. The expressed longing of the members to live out their musical creativity and melt into a new form helped the brothers to get together spiritually and write their own songs. The different musical origins from almost all branches of rock tightens the genre-representative style of the band. The music: The result are catchy songs, built on a foundation of driven drumbeats and solid bass lines. The powerful and harmonic guitars give room for keyboard and synthesizer sounds, which have more than just a supporting role. Simple, yet nested, loud and yet delicate, the band works towards the climax with almost limitless joy of playing: the chorus! Now, at the latest, the listener feels being thrown back in time when hard rock dominated life and charts. Polyphonic vocals and engaging melodies caress and captivate the audience. Second Reign celebrate the musical clichés of the eighties without sounding old-fashioned. Second Reign: The band’s name stands for many things. For the resurrection of rock music. For coming together as four different characters and growing to a unity. For melancholy and the resulting strength. Second Reign is a synonym for everyone who takes their own destiny into their own hands.