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AnganT The band AnganT has its embryo in the city of São Bernardo do Campo / SP, in July 2013 when Valtão (guitar) joins some friends to play covers of metal bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Metallica, among others. At that time the first name of the band appears: S.O.B.O. - Senses of Black Owl - created from a school work by the daughters of Valtão, that name would last until the beginning of 2018. Current formation and with greater symbiosis of the band: Willi - bass and lead vocal, Valtão - guitar and backing vocal, Higor - guitar and backing vocals and Samuel - drums and backing vocal. As a sign of an upset and retake of a new and promising walk, the quartet resolves to change the name of the band and, after a huge list of names, is chosen the name AnganT, Latin name that means to cause pain, suffering, but which, for the band, means the milestone of a stage of accomplishment of much work, even though everything that has happened to date has caused a lot of "suffering", but they never gave up making an authorial and true sound. Nov-2019 Valtão left the band and AnganT continuous

as a power trio. The "Owl" continues its night flight ... and the story goes on ... now with you together ...