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Antipope effectively sweeps progressive rhythms wrapped in gothic doom towards the aggressive edges of black and death metal, making for delighted fans of all heavy metal genres. Simply put, Antipope are occult melodic heavy metal that is unrestricted by the confines of subgenres. After publishing two demo EPs ("Chaosmos" in 2008, and Excessive Use of Faith in 2009), Antipope completed their first full-length album entitled "Desert" in 2010. The second full length House of Harlot was published by Violent Journey Records on 30th of November 2011. Prenting a furious mixture of industrial-gothic-doom-black metal, House of Harlot gained a lot of attention and positive feedback from international metal media. The third album 3 Eyes Of Time, was also published by Violent Journey Records in May 2013. The album presented a more melodic side of Antipope's music without discarding the elements of extreme metal. In 2017, the band returned to their progressive black metal roots with the fourth full-length album Denial/Survival . In February 2020, Antipope released their fifth full-length creation, Apostle of Infinite Joy through a US record label Fertile Crescent Productions. Fusing together traditional heavy metal, black and death metal and progressive undertones, this album presents an uncompromising attack of esoteric extreme metal.