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Led by dynamic, multi-instrumentalist songwriter Erin Zindle, The Ragbirds create music that is equally danceable, intelligent and vulnerable. They incorporate conscious lyrics, global-infused beats, indie-pop melodies, rock guitar riffs and folk sensibilities in a high-energy live show that leaves every listener in a higher place than when it began. Their songs are laced with edgy guitar solos, played by Erin's brother T.J. Zindle, as she skillfully switches between instruments with an infectious smile. T.J. is an energetic force, playing electric and acoustic guitars with grit and intensity, while Shannon Wade (bass) and Loren Kranz (drums) make up the dynamic rhythm section, forming a tight-knit groove factory. Since 2005, The Ragbirds have gathered and maintained a passionate, grassroots fan base by continually reinventing themselves with an ever-evolving sound, while remaining rooted in the high-energy, world-inspired folk-rock they've become known for. With a change of cast in 2019, the band shifted its weight to focus more on the melodic components. The rhythms of their new sound leave room for songs to breathe and for vocals to take the spotlight as they explore the sound-space with various improvisational elements and an intense instrumental curiosity. Touring for nearly 15 years from their home-base of Ann Arbor, MI, Erin Zindle & The Ragbirds have developed a widespread reputation as one of the most hard-working, dynamic and infectious live bands in roots music.