Genetic Drugs


  1. 1.
    The Egyptian Delegate - Jasmon
  2. 2.
    Las Frutas - In2ear Remix - In2ear
  3. 3.
    Lost Frequencies - Jasmon
  4. 4.
    Olololale Africa Club - Adesa, Latrama
  5. 5.
    Fi Eshk El Banat (Na Na El Genana) - Jasmon, Mohamed Mounir
Genetic druGs - Audiopharmaceutical Travel Agent - Berlin/Germany.
explorer - sound & vision dealer - sound archivist - culture broker - dance floor mechanist
After more than 30 years of expeditions around the globe I look back on cultural experiences, musical collaborations and a bunch of releases.
The material for my global excursions is not limited to sound but extends to moving images with three video installations: "Karma Club" (1994) with pictures and films from my 4000 km journey through India and Nepal, "Vodoun Benin meets Genetic druGs"(1996), a musical documentary from Benin, the cradle of Voodoo.
"Contagious" (2007) and "South Indian Paraphernalia" (2008) will pick you up for a tribal excursion to some more cultural melting pots of this planet.
2017 SEA OF JOY Once again audiopharmaceutical travel agent Genetic druGs headed out for musical expeditions in India and Egypt. He met the indian singer Chinmoy Adak from Kolkata. Chinmoy sang a Baul "Bamboo Song" and poetry from the Bengal philosopher Rabindranath Tagore "Ebar Tor Mora Gangé".
Mohamed Mounir the egyptian pop singer and Genetic druGs friend from Cairo delivered musical poetry: "Edaya (Hands in my pockets)"
2018 Echoes of Berlin's Cold War (An anthology of tracks created between 1981 - 1989)
2018 Worldradio (short wave radio surfing 1984 - 1999 - original soundtrack)
Before the internet, short wave radio was the only way to catch up with sounds from all around the world.
Have a wonderful trip!


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