Guy G. Gorman & His Spuddy Buddies


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    I Gotta Lotta Love
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    I Whooped Sin Upside the Head
Mid 1990s: I was pulling onto Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia and turned on Page Wilson's "Out O' the Blue Radio Revue" on WCVE.
I was really enjoying an unfamiliar Roy Orbison song but thought to myself, "How can I not know this song; I'm pretty familiar with Roy's catalog." It turned out to be The Burnt Taters: Craig Evans, Brad Tucker, and George Garrett. I was hooked! These guys were mining the same lode of inspiration that I was!
I've followed The Taters, their changing name and line ups through the years gotten to know Brad and Craig, attended numerous shows, even gotten up on stage with them a couple of times. They've brought me a lot of happiness.Over the years I fantasized about becoming a member of The Taters. Instead I worked on my own projects Guy G. Gorman and the G-Men, The G-Men , and even as Guy G. Gorman . As I thought about a musical way to celebrate my departure for Holland, the Taters immediately came to mind. The glad result was two songs, "I Gotta Lotta Love" and "I Whooped Sin Upside the Head" recorded with Bill McElroy at Slipped Disc Studios in Ashland.Brad and Craig's rootsy playing and heavenly hashbrown harmonies added a tuberous hubris to my usual mash of musical styles.  I cherish the memory of our recording sessions together. Thanks, Tater Mates!Love! Love! Love!Guy


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