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Chartbreaker Antonja (formerly Antonia aus Tirol) has sold over 6 million records and keeps landing hits in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Together with her band, she has decided to become more international. The singer actually comes from a different genre, but she wanted a change.

The debut single is "What a Night". Antonja wrote this rock song with a great message. Break all the rules. Nothing goes without risk. Lose all inhibitions. No matter what others think and talk about you. Listen to your heart and your passion. The main thing is that you have fun. If you feel that spark, then just do it, even if others think you're crazy. Behind these lines there is also something very personal about the singer, Antonia is known for her always positive charisma and closeness to her fans. "What A Night" Make this one night your night, as often and whenever you want. The main thing is that you're doing well. Antonja has been in the music business all her life and has a number of successes. After further planned singles, her first rock album will be released in April 2022.