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A chart-topping, award-winning Norwegian rock band best known for its lively concert performances. D.D.E. made their album debut in 1993 and broke through to mainstream success in 1995 with their third album, the live recording Det è D.D.E. Founded in 1992 in Namsos, Norway. Bjarne Brøndbo (vocals, accordion), Frode Viken (guitar, died in 2018), Arnt Egil Rånes (guitar), Eivind Berre (bass), Bård Jørgen Iversen (keyboards), Eskil Brøndbo (drums), Terje Tranaas (keyboards, 1992-2002), Daniel Viken (guitar, replaced his father in 2018). The band made its album debut in 1993 with Rai-Rai, followed by Rai 2 in 1994. The band's third album, the live recording Det è D.D.E. (1995), was a breakout hit, steadily rising to number two on the Norwegian albums chart and charting for a whopping 47 weeks overall. The follow-up album, Det Går Likar No (1996), a studio effort, capitalized on the band's newfound fan base and topped the Norwegian charts for eight weeks. Like its predecessor, it charted for nearly a year's time. In acknowledgement of D.D.E.'s breakout success in 1995-1996 with Det è D.D.E. and Det Går Likar No, the band was awarded a Spellemannprisen in 1996. Practically all of D.D.E.'s subsequent album releases were Top Five hits, several of them chart-toppers, including Ohwææææh!!! (1998), Vi Ska Fæst - Aill' Mot Aill' (2001), and No Går Det Så Det Suse (2007).