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Currently Fusage is in the lauching process of their second album Outburst Desert, produced and recorded by Rodrigo Sanches at the Rootsans studio (São Paulo / SP). Rodrigo who has worked with names like Cansei de Ser Sexy, Céu, Tom Zé, Nação Zumbi, Franz Ferdinand and Iggy Pop is a strong ally in this new phase of the band’s career. The tracks were pre-produced remotely in 2020 and the recordings took place in December. It is evident that almost nothing remained from the old times. The entire album starts and ends in a renewed atmosphere. In a kind of sound diaspora, the band is in tune with Rodrigo Sanches' extraordinary experience and inventiveness, which mainly brings new forms of free creation and invites the band to reach the next level. Drums and bass lines bring up a clearer message, more concise and objective, through the congruent layers of riffs and timbres toned by Jean Cedemachi (the newest member) to the aesthetic approach of the voices that chant lyrics of political matter and questions about the human existence (featuring João Lemos - Molho Negro). The weight remains, but it has matured. New horizons were opened for the conception of this work and, track by track, the quartet's most ambitious statement is wide open: That there is an immense new desert of forms, textures and flavors out there to be experienced. Fusage is: Douglas Takazono (vocals, guitar) Jean Carlos (guitar, keys) Luiz Miguel (bass) Vitor Angelotti (drums)