They Dwell Beneath the Temples


  1. 1.
    Everything Old Above the Earth
  2. 2.
    The Lost Light
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
    Throne of Grace
  5. 5.
    Aquarian Deception
Songwriter, producer, and vocalist Jay Cooper began his music career in 2003 playing drums for four local metal and hardcore bands in Orlando, Florida: Sparing No Lives, Along Side Oni, Wavedash Through the Onslaught, and Years of Impact.
Sometime in 2009, They Dwell Beneath the Temples (TDBT) was birthed as an idea for a solo metal project. It soon evolved from a thought into a home studio.
TDBT Releases included:
• 10-track demo in 2011
• 6-track EP, Jag You Are, in February 2012
• 10-track album, Courier Six, in December 2012
• 9-track album, Survive Suburbia, in April 2013
• 8-track album, Gold Plated Dawn, in December 2013
• 7-track album, Outshine the False Light, in April 2015.
Outshine the False Light (2015) is regarded as Jay’s first Christian album. It became the first full album written after becoming a born-again Christian in 2013. Following the release of Outshine the False Light, Jay set off to start a family and earn a college degree which also meant an extended break from writing new music.
Six years later, They Dwell Beneath the Temples is now rededicated to producing music, this time with a handy 7-string Jackson, Superior Drummer 3, and the same 4-string Epiphone bass. The latest single, ‘Everything Old Above the Earth,’ releases everywhere on March 20, 2021.


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