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First of all I'm a composer, pianist and a creative director and I work not only with music. I live in Italy and I love to discover the world outside with my eyes. On Spotify you can find my original music and collaborations with other artists from around the world. For business, booking and inquiries, email: The music has always been part of my life from the very early age. I remember long time ago, I was with my father in a Italian television to try to be selected as a character for a tv-spot; after the selection a man comes to me and told me “Choose whatever you want, we want to give a gift to you for the participation”. I don’t know why, but in all of that gift (tons of toys for childrens…), I selected a mini-keyboard and I was the happiest children in the world. I think that was the time I remember that life gaved me also the joy to be a musician and make art. My music? Someone on my YouTube channel wrote this "Somehow this music touches me i feel like crying every time, it just shakes you up, it's wonderful, i could go on and on... I have faith in humanity thanks to this, just mesmerizing ♥" Maybe, if you like composers like @ludovicoeinaudi, @philipglass, @yanntiersen and similar, my music can afford also with you and we can be good friend :) Big Hug, DeLord.