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Maxi Menot's music reflects her extensive training as an orchestral musician, her electronic music programming skills, her mulit-instrumental expertise and her love of Nordic sound. Her style as a producer and writer ranges from hooky pop melodies over electronic ambient beats to neoclassical instruments. She is well known for her choir and vocal arrangements and her strings programmings.Her latest releases are the orchestral album "Northern Tales" by her band The Remaining Part, recorded with the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg and the Soundtrack

for the cinema documentary “Wellenbrecherinnen” by director Guido Weihermüller. As a freelancer, she is familiar with the problems in the creative industry: Together with ten other female composers, she has therefore founded the collective "track15" - and aims to give women a greater voice and visibility. Together with Susanne Geisler, she is also the founder of the publishing Edition B+. Here they focus on mainly female artists and music for film.