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Sky Parox is a producer who focuses on creating positive and mellow vibes. Tomas Reifenschweiler, also known as Sky Parox, is an artist of Dutch and German nationality who was born on the 8th of July 1994. He started making music at an age of 12 (early 2007) and has been working as a ghost producer for most of his career. In March 2018 he started his alias Sky Parox for a variety of styles within the house music genre. Sky Parox’s style can be described as bright, colourful and energetic. Sky Parox has chosen to produce this specific style of music, because it helps him to relieve stress. He hopes that with his music, he can also help his listeners to relieve stress and to get them in a positive mood. He also aims to spread awareness for sensitive subjects such as depressions and anxiety disorders.