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The songwriting outlet of Rose Bassett, Half the Andes is the result of the harmonious collaboration between four friends who happened to live together. Creating versatile melodies that draw upon the voices of Rose, Libby, Dan and Ronan, Half the Andes produce an eclectic blend of pop-folk tunes which rise and fall in heartfelt intensity. Based in Melbourne, the group finds influence from such artists as Fleetwood Mac, The Staves and Joni Mitchell, building lyrics through the nuance of lived experience and relatable hurdles. Combining their sound with Rose's ever endearing banter, 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Half the Andes, with a brand-new single on the way. Over the past two years, Half the Andes have been working hard to develop a unique sound which compliments Rose's poetic lyric style. Excited to take back the live music scene post-COVID-19, Half the Andes are an example of the collaborative links between creativity and friendship. Website: https://halftheandes.com/