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The music of 3typen is like a good movie or videogame, where you might get stuck on and come back to. The inceptional sounds pray for cinematic pictures and thats the force behind 3typen. "Since i first watched THX 1138, 2001, Planet of the Apes, Akira, or Ghost in the Shell and listened to the music of Goldsmith, Kawai, Yamashirogumi, Morricone and Glass, i know what i wanted in my life. Create music that bear a galaxy and combine it to moving images." 3typen started writing filmic music when EAST and WEST seems to collide and EBM was the first Wave of agressive huge sounding electronic music. "I loved this time, when you explore Sounds like you see America for the first Time. Sampling and manipulate every Sound until you didnt hear any connection to his origin. I try to keep that feeling alive" From this time on 3typen knows he want to combine huge Orchestral Color bigger than tectonic plates with. 
 3typen: The German word Typ (sing.) or Typen (plur) could be roughly translated into the english word Guy and stands for more than one musical personality