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About this Artist

Posted By 1g3b

1G3B is an energetic bunch of lunatics which has been brought together by a common vision, creating insane, brutal hardrock focusing on technincal- and musical talent.

The lyrics are in Närpes-dialect, a language with a strong ancient nordic heritage which suits the primitive and coarse sound perfectly. Even though the language is somewhat difficult to comprehend for the common man, 1G3B still has managed to gather a large and devoted horde of fans.

Where people listen

  • 1.
    Helsinki, FI
    202 Listeners
  • 2.
    Turku, FI
    169 Listeners
  • 3.
    Vaasa, FI
    69 Listeners
  • 4.
    Vantaa, FI
    64 Listeners
  • 5.
    Stockholm, SE
    62 Listeners
  • 6.
    Jakobstad, FI
    34 Listeners