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Behind the artist we find Signe Bådagård, a Stockholm-based vocalist, songwriter and producer. Her voice preceded her own entry into the musical world: as a schooled jazz vocalist she’s been active as a singer and producer for years and pulled in for collaborations by recognized artists like Jonathan Johansson and Duvchi. Now she’s turnt the spotlight onto herself as an artist. Through music college and her growing network in the industry, her artistic identity as Signe started to form and resulted in the project’s first fruit: her debut single Over, in 2018. It's a piece of slow-burning electro-noir given an ageless power by her dark, elegant voice and made for a noteworthy introduction for the new artist. In January 2019 she released the slightly more poppy follow-up, Your Game, on Norweigan label Brilliance Records. On Valentine's Day 2020 the artist's debut EP Can't Wait to Come Down hit the stores. This time she decided to do it fully independent. "I wanted to do this all the way - my way, and I finally feel like this is as honest I can be. These songs are real, and although it took some time to figure it all out it was totally worth it. I hope everyone who hears it will feel that too." The EP is about all of those stages of mixed feelings you go through after a separation, when you get angry instead of sad, when you realize your own faults and mistakes and that you subconsciously always knew that the dreams you shared together was unattainable.