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Lilou & John

Lilou & John

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Posted By Lilou & John

We are Lilou & John, a Swedish conceptual art and city folk duo.

"The singer’s vibrato reminds of Nina Simone, who was also a protest singer - although in a completely different context and era. Lilou sings with a pathos found among traditional protest singers like Buffy Sainte-Marie; it is evident that their critique against the establishment is honest and not just a varnish."

- Projekt Morpheus

"I’m almost hypnotized by Lilou’s vocals. Her dark alto voice breathes of blackness, mystique and rock attitude, like a magical music incantation I just have to listen to again and again."

- Meadow Music

"The dark searing vocals of Lilou & John chill the marrow-bone while the flighty guitar gives the title track - 100 Faces - an intriguing camber that pitches the composition on a helter-skelter ride which despite, or maybe because of, the discombobulation - finds the audience dipping hip around the room."

- Emerging Indie Bands

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