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Hitha is on a mission to empower youth with her music and writings.

She is an artist who is out there to give the youth a voice. She has a beautiful vision for our world where compassion, self-respect, woman empowerment, justice for all, cultural tolerance, and an unabashed love for Nature are commonplace. Hitha is a singer, songwriter from California and an amazingly talented young lady who is on her way to becoming a Teen Singing Star. Her love for the music started when she was 4 years old. She is a musical child prodigy and her formula for success is simple: Convert lifetime hardships and negative experiences into positivity by spreading messages that inspire others. Hitha draws her inspiration from her surroundings, her interactions, and complete life experience. “I feel that music is the best platform to reach people directly and explain intricate feelings and emotions that otherwise may be looked over,” she says. Her words light up like a lighthouse for teens looking for a beacon in the dark and turbulent tides of young adulthood.