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Somewhere in a small coastal town, hung in mist and shadow, lies the resting place of a once grand romantic love. Now it’s spirit roams free, twisted and haunting, its melancholic heart singing in warning. A Dangerous Game

is a dark and enchanting collection of songs charting different forms of love and destruction; the damage of a toxic lover, the hurt of an unexpected ending, the loss of oneself, the betrayal of a confidant, and the strength that can be found to rise above it all. Catherine Gunther is an Alt-Folk/Americana singer-songwriter. Known for her dark and melancholic style she has a way with words that haunt the heart and won’t let go. Recently has already released three singles from A Dangerous Game; Buried Alive (2018), Dangerous (2019) and "Friends" (2021). Triple J’s Nkechi Anele (Roots N’ All) described Buried Alive (2018) as: ‘If this song was the weather it would be a thick dense fog – there is something hauntingly captivating and utterly frightening about this track. I’m going to sleep with my nightlight on for the rest of the year now.’ Catherine is based in Sydney, Australia.