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TNSrecords. Manchester. 'Incisions are a band quintessential and essential. Quintessential in their classic British approach to Punk-Rock. They are laden with dry whit, sarcasm and unrivalled honesty hidden behind nothing but cathartic expression and a musical style classic but self-aware enough to appeal beyond the dinosaur Punks who really cannot seem to move with the times. In regard to their “essential” position in the contemporary scene, please see above. That and the fact that they do all of this so well that they can turn a few from each group of heads, even those thought to be extinct; much like Jeff Goldblum in that film. TNSrecords are another essential name in the UK Punk scene and what makes all these words so important is that they are the ones releasing the fourth effort and debut full-length from the now Manchester staples.' - Ear Nutrition, 2018 'Manchester is the home of some great indie music and is building a burgeoning reputation as a city producing some excellent DIY punk. Manchester band, Incisions formed in 2015 and they’ve been honing their aggressive sound since. The band focuses on global issues like the far-right uprising and deceitful politics the world over, through to more personal subjects like addiction problems and heartbreak. This debut album contains twelve songs in nineteen minutes and it is fair to say that it showcases Incisions as one of the most exciting bands in UK punk scene right now.' - PunkOnline, 2018