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There's an immediate charm and elegance to Sara Marie Barron's voice. And that voice, along with her engaging stage presence, has cultivated a poise between the swoon of soul, the charisma of jazz, and the effervescence of pop. But having sang in choirs, musicals, and even operatic arias long before she released her debut full length album, (2018’s) Sad, But True, the beauty of her voice was something that was already proven. With Existential Glam (out on September 25, 2020,) the Detroit based singer/songwriter felt she had more, yet, to prove... We can say, without hyperbole, that singing has really been Barron's life. That raw talent developed into artistry, and eventually that artistry accelerated the development of her definitive vision; for Barron, in the two years following Sad, But True's completion, that vision distinctively took shape. She felt inspired to pursue and perfect a fusion of her foundational inspirations, aspiring to bridge the grace and gusto of 60's soul (Etta James, Nina Simone), and

the exuberance and panache of Motown's icons up to contemporary influences from the indulgent (even fun) melodrama and winsome swagger of 90's pop stars (Britney, Christina) and recent R&B/neo-soul dynamos (Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse, particularly). Words by Jeff Milo