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Hailing from the small Polish town of Leszno, The Bullseyes are on a living testament to the global language of rock music. The duo, made up of Darek on guitar and Matt on drums, is rapidly gaining fans around the world with a style that draws equally from vintage indie and futuristic production. The result is an urgent sound that speaks directly to the experience of the modern world. Self described as “optimistic nihilists,” The Bullseyes take a freewheeling, genre defiant approach to constructing their songs.

Growing up together, the pair explored everything from prog infused metal to dance floor themed EDM before combining their powers to create what they call “brisk neo-garage influenced rock.” Their first single came in 2017. Inspired by the duo’s punk rock ethos, it showcased the instantly memorable choruses and rapturous guitar solos that would later come to define their sound.