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The Whythouse has done it again! This iconic Canadian Urban Pop group from Toronto keep bringing new and exciting music to their respective genre. In recent months they have released 2 singles; Runnin’ With and Dream Away, while both songs have a different sound and feel they still manage to fall into the category of Urban Pop. Now comes the third single, Slow Motion, from their much anticipated and upcoming EP “The Come Back”. This song turns the tables once again but this time in the Country Pop category…that’s right folks, Country Pop and they absolutely pull it off! Slow Motion is an infectious urban pop song with numerous genres smashed together. The song contains elements of Pop, Rock, Reggae, Rap and a hint of Country – an innovative crossover track. With its awesome hook and trap style highs, Slow Motion is guaranteed to catch your ear and make you feel the need to hit rewind and play it again! head over to YouTube to check out the videos and expect nothing less than Whythouse’ trademark hooks and dope beats!