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Sweden and Norway joins forces as Niklas “Mr.Dango” Källgren from Truckfighters teams up with former Truckfighters/Witchcraft drummer Oscar “Pezo” Johansson and Maurice Adams from Breed and former Motorfinger on vocals. The Debut album Question Mark is a very diverse rock record that opens with the ten-minute odyssey ‘Realityline'. All the songs create a really intense atmosphere. A great mixture of acoustic parts and fuzz that makes the band stand out. As Dango tells more he grins and says he feels Adams has been sent him from the rock Gods themselves, he is a rebirth of the great 90’s rock voices. I had already recorded the album and it was more or less done except for one track. After meeting him at Truckfighters show, where his then band Motorfinger opened up, I was blown away by his voice “wow, this guy has that solid 90’s sound” a few drinks and we hit it off." “That was a one take deal” Adams shoots in." I love the fact that every track on this album has a great flow and nothing feels forced. Dango knows what he wants and he has so much experience so it was easy for him to communicate what he wanted. We recorded all the vocals in three days and it was great." The brainchild of Källgren, he also produced, engineered, mixed and mastered the album as well as playing bass and singing backing vocals. QUESTION MARK is out the 13th of November 2020. Order your physical copy from www.fuzzoramastore.com where you also find merchandise. www.enigma-experience.com