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The debut EP ‘Love Run Free' from new power duo Upstate will give you that same adrenaline rush feeling as running downhill. The band infuses dusty gang vocals with spongy guitars and organic percussion creating a fresh and energetic sound ripe for summer road trips. Their home base; Blackwatch Studios (Sufjan Stevens, Ben Rector, Andrew Belle) in Norman, Oklahoma was the perfect setting to write and record ‘Love Run Free.’ The unmarked former office furniture warehouse sits adjacent to the Heartland Flyer train station which although challenging at times provided needed inspiration during midnight recording sessions. The band remarks, "The trains passing by started to feel a part of the music." Each song from the duo’s debut offers a fresh and optimistic viewpoint on young love and life. There’s no hiding the band's joyful disposition and love of songwriting. These songs make you want to get up, go outside, and fall in love.