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With their music Voidemolition (spoken “void’molition”) combine many styles of different subgenres to create sonorous and catchy music. Typical hard riffs from Metalcore, blast beats á lá Trash Metal, bracing breakdowns from the Posthardcore and soulful melodies form the sound. Sophisticated lyrics that tempt to sing along and think about impart the message and are forged into real tales by the increasingly progressive writing. Here is where poetry meets brute force of sound! Paired with a stunning performance the band creates a thrilling undertow that pulls everyone in. Voidemolition, “demolish the void”, according to this motto the band fills every room with their tone and thereby offer a home for a variety of tastes. That in the course of this it is called for action goes without saying. The band composes of Dominik Wietrzykowski (Drums) Richard Hetze (Bass, Backing Vocals) Björn Dröse (Rhythmguitar) Timo Gerhardt (Leadguitar, Backing Vocals) David Dannenberg (Lead Vocals) In 2018 they released their first EP Arise. In 2019 they released their single Hate Me Become a part of this family! ENTER THE VOID! WE ARE THE VOID!!!