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The Dozens is the African descendant oral tradition frequently known to many as: roasting, clowning, ranking, etc. Regular gameplay of the Dozens involves a verbal-duel between participants competitively cracking jokes on each other in order to demonstrate their linguistic virtuosity, humor and cleverness. The Dozens has been a popular source of entertainment and a pastime preparing young African Americans to psychologically cope with routine systematic abuse and oppression in a nonviolent manner. The most important rule of playing the Dozens is to be mindful of one’s reaction to verbal abuse and insult and come back with a calculated strategic response demonstrating your own maturity, mental sharpness, and linguistic sophistication. In many ways The Dozens Creative started by members Cameron Flowers @kmino and partner Kheperah Ray @chef khray has grown into an internationalized cultural movement paying homage to their community's historic game, presenting social commentary in bold, unconventional,

and witty statements. Their creative content