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Lineup: Vocals: Elena Minina (Moscow, Russia) Composition, all Music/Instruments: Alexander Baier (Tuebingen, Germany) Drums: Ralf Neumann (Tuebingen, Germany) New album "Force of Destiny" release 15th of February, 2019 With their spectacular album debut "Princess of the Dark" in 2017, they caused quite a stir in the international symphonic metal scene. The second album "Force of Destiny" was created in one year's work, played and recorded in Tigersclaw’s own studio. Orchestral guitars, symphonic, polyphonic vocals, bombastic drums and hard riffs characterize the second album of the unusual trio, but there are also ballads, supported by polyphonic strings, masterful mid-tempo tracks as well as thunderous up-tempo numbers on the 15 songs containing and masterful mixed CD. As with the previous release, "Force of Destiny" is all centered around Elena's extraordinary vocal power, keyboards and clean guitars are caressing her expressive and multi-layered voice just to get everything out of Elena in the next up-tempo number and vocally tonal it into the lure highest spheres. Alexander's writing skills are precisely tailored to Elena, attended by demanding, excellent and technical fine Drums of Ralf Neumann. The three musicians complement each other in perfection. A symphonic metal album with pure long-term motivation. Tigersclaw Discography: "Princess of the Dark" (Album, 13 songs, 01:00:41) released 2017 "Force of Destiny" (Album, 15 songs, 01:13:14) released 2019