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Eponymously named after the bandleader and violinist Majid Khaliq, Ma*Jid is a contemporary jazz ensemble that’s comprises of a rhythm section, strings, and brass. Possessing all of the significant parts of a symphony orchestra, their music moves freely in and out of the various musical influences the invoke. Majid’s music is an eclectic blend of styles and influences which pull from Thundercat, Jean-Luc Ponty & The Roots. “Ma*Jid’s ability to make impossible intuitive leaps from conception of sound that are bound by acceptable classical norms of mathematical reason to an outward-bound orbit that only someone who experiences the depths of musical possibility can translate into the sound of melody. Naturally this will drive the violinist’s improvising mind into a rarefied realm where few can even imagine being.” Raul Da Gama –JazzDaGama