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Synne Sanden is an expressive and experimental pop artist from Norway. She writes about shameful subjects, the things that we suppress and find hard to talk about. She does this because she has the need to release these emotions, to reduce shame, and she wants to make them easier to talk about for herself and for others. Her last and forth album Imitation was about envy, self-loathing, inferiority and the wish for personal growth. It was produced by Bugge Wesseltoft and Thomas Dybdahl, while her upcoming album is being produced by Lars Horntveth (Susanne Sundfør, Jaga Jazzist) and film composer Øyvind Blikstad. She has toured Canada, Italy and Norway and has also toured with artist Thomas Dybdahl through the years, in Norway, as support artist and guest artist. With him she has also played in Russia, the Netherlands, on Skavlan and Lindmo Tv show, Sentrum Scene, Øya festival, Rockefeller and the Norwegian Oprah house.