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Hillbilly House, the electronic dance duo from Connecticut AKA the Two Hillbillies "Rich Dittman and Tim Costa" from the radio station WWUH, faithfully pumped out the sounds of New York, Chicago House and Detroit Techno in the late 80’s til the mid 90’s. They were critically involved with breaking new music in CT while collaborating with the local Club Riot in Hartford. The label released tracks from artists Laurent X, Mark Imperial, Mark Summers, Aqua Regia, Ed Crosby and Grey House, Piano Negro with record Labels House Nation Records, StreetSide, Get down, Burnin House and Hillbilly House Records. Hillbilly House and Tim Costa have relaunched with a new 3rd member Bernard Bruce on Curtis Urbina's Quark Records (NYC). Hillbilly House, the acclaimed DJ/producers are proud to be collaborating with The Stick Up Boys, the anonymous musical treasure hunters from Brighton, (UK) Stick Up Music. Their influences come from their association with the legendary DJ Pool For the Record, starting with Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, David Morales, David Depino, Danny Teneglia, Little Louie Vega, Joe Guicastro, Markie Gee, Mad Mike (UR), Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Mike Clark. Contemporary inspirations are Dennis Ferrer, Joe Claussell, the Layabouts, Avishai Cohen, classic jazz and a new appreciation of deep soulful vocalists.