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These recordings were the foundation of the band that is now known as just "The Deer." They are currently up to some monkey business, you can find them on Spotify here >> Borne of Austin's burgeoning music scene in 2012, Michael McLeod and Grace Rowland Park (The Blue Hit) sat down to record a collection of her songs. They had all of their music friends over to Maryann Rose's Clarksville compound, and Elizabeth & Leigh Ann's back house to record some tracks. Friends like Dennis Ludiker (Asleep at the Wheel), Doctor Sick (Squirrel Nut Zippers), Trevor Smith (Wood & Wire), Kyle Robertson (Good Field), David Moss (The Blue Hit, The Brother Brothers), Raina Rose, Rebecca Loebe, Sarah Stricklin, Karl Kummerle, Brenna Manzare, Stephanie Bledsoe (1985-2013) and yes, even scoundrels like Jesse Dalton and Alan Eckert. Turns out that some of these people got along and stuck together: just look for The Deer wherever you are.