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The Gulf Coast of Florida may well be known as Music Row South. Singers and songwriters have been flocking to the region for years, bringing both traditional and contemporary sounds to clubs and festivals, and influencing a new generation of balladeers. One new voice is Cory Keefe, guitar picker and gifted singer, unabashedly country in his style and delivery. The self-taught musician was influenced by parents who are also talented singers. Along with his twin brother, Cory often participated in talent shows and other live music events, with a rising passion for music that continues to drive Cory’s ambition. He and his brother learned an important lesson when they were very young. The twins were scheduled to perform at a holiday party and their parents tried to impress upon the young boys the importance of practicing. The boys found other distractions and on the day of the show, were admittedly unprepared, singing the same lyrics over and over. Today, Cory is a stickler for rehearsing and approaches every opportunity with sincere professionalism. Cory cites influences including Daryle Singletary, Kevin Denney, and the late Keith Whitley among those he admires and emulates. His own style is rooted in tradition, with a modern twist. His eclectic taste runs from Merle Haggard to rock music and even pop artists like Ed Sheeran, but as a singer, Keefe has a heart for pure country.