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They say a music career isn’t for the faint of heart. What about young hearts? A few years ago, life looked pretty normal for Carlos, Michael, and Gaby Ubinas. From their hometown of Miami, they lead worship at church, went to school, played sports…Then their dad presented an idea that changed everything: he felt the Lord calling their family to take a leap of faith and minister through music across the country. So their family sold everything, from their house to their knickknacks, crammed into an RV, and hit the road to spread the Gospel, no set destination in mind. This kicks off their story as contemporary Christian music group YoungHeart. They traveled from state to state, sometimes without booked performances, finding any opportunity to offer messages of hope through their music. YoungHeart played in laundromats, on the sidewalk, on doorsteps…eventually finding their way to church services and chances to partner with worship teams. The trio not only grew in their faith, they developed their own musical style. With rhythmic melodies and an energetic pop groove, the group captivates listeners with infectious anthems and earnest lyrics. Each performances serves as a celebration of God’s glory and a testament to His faithfulness. YoungHeart exudes a unique, unforgettable spirit through each songs, proving the best plans for our lives aren’t ones we can map ourselves.