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Juan Carrizo is an independent musician in constant motion. Guitarist, multi instrumentalist and live looping artist. Composer, producer and traveler. Member of Symphonic Metal act Anna Fiori and Intercultural Heavy Metal band ZiX. His latest release "Afuentro" explores the feelings and thoughts during 2020 confinement. There are two dimensions to it: the "outer" space with Alienas (la mitad que nos falta) and the inner mind of Cuasimodo (el cacho que somos). Eighteen minutes of a sonic journey form soundscape to blues and from glitch to funk. Currently

living in-between Mexico City and Viedma (his hometown in Patagonia Argentina) , he has tour half the world with his solo live looping act "dada" combining spontaneous composition, several instruments live performances and real time motion graphics. #dadatour Since his credentials includes, besides music, film making and sound postproduction degrees, Juan Carrizo delivers a both musical and sonic experience often filling the gap between popular, contemporary and experimental music. In 2019 along with his roommate and friend Nacho Tormentos, he funded Macuarro, a Post Black Metal project with several Latin American elements in both music and lyrics.