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***This artist page will be deleted soon. Check out "Rubus" for new releases.*** Rubus (formerly Rubus Of Fences) is a solo-project by Belgian singer-songwriter Bram Van Hecke (27, Antwerp). The repertoire is a mix of easy going pop-music that has reminded some people of Tracy Chapman, Tom Dice or Ed Sheeran. Kicking off in 2019 with debut-single "Sit Down and Rewind" that received both national and local airplay, the tone was set. Successors "Needless Serenade" and "Hit or Miss" assisted in the build up of a debut EP, that was released on april 25th 2020. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the release concert and other upcoming shows were cancelled which lead to a break during the summer of 2020. ​ Kicking off again on october 29th with "Mr Perfect", the first single of a new upcoming EP was released.