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Some whisky-soaked, smoke-filled, rollicking ditties to please your guitar-starved ear-holes. Enjoy it before it gets homogenised, pasteurised, sanitised, and covered in satan’s special sauce. Cheers to ya! If anyone’s interested, we are Andy Burke and Ron McElroy. Andy’s singing and playing guitar on the right and Ron’s playing guitar on the left. Rob Hervais-Adelman is playing drums all over it. Dick Jewel is doing the low notes. We’re based in South London, Crystal Palace in fact, and we recorded the whole damn thing in our own tiny studio. No point us saying ‘Hope you like it’ as you will or you won’t.. that’s if you listen to it.. but if you don’t,.. you’ll never know… like the tree falling in the forest thing… Hugs & kisses, Two 5.