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Lydia Cash grew up in the small town of Leeds, Alabama. Her love for music flourished as she began to study viola and voice at a young age. Her time and energy were consistently divided between music and visual art for the following twenty years. Cash eventually created a career in fine art after moving to Chicago in 2013, but continued to write and perform her own music. In 2016, Cash met classical guitarist Justin Eisenbraun, and the pair began to travel the world together and perform jazz standards. As her fascination with electronic music grew, Cash wrote and recorded her “Past Lives” EP with a couple of microphones and a small midi keyboard, which she carried in her suitcase while traveling across Europe for three months in 2018. Teaming up with drummer Charlie Koltak in 2020, Cash and Eisenbraun split their time between Chicago and a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains writing and recording Cash’s first full length album, “Dreamgirl”.