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Born in the deep, dark trenches of Reddit, the indie-pop duo Corgi began as a collaboration between Karen and Sink. Their first song together, Chameleon, went on to be featured in the r/bedroombands podcast, and was praised for its fun and quirky arrangements and lyrics. The brainchild of an industrial designer and an animator, Corgi is a whimsical exploration of emotions and heart. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres --- from pop, to musicals to electronic music, Corgi explores pockets in time, and immortalizes them in sound. Karen has been producing bedroom instrumentals ever since high school. He had garnered a small following on Reddit and Soundcloud and received praise for his experimental sound. Sink, on the other hand, was a budding singer-songwriter, who had just entered university. She stumbled upon Karen's instrumental, reached out to him, and the rest was history. A band who has never met, Corgi stands with anyone who feels, just a little bit too much.