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“Nashville by way of Columbus, Ohio rocker Blinn settles into a steady rock groove on her latest release. The hooks that have always anchored her songs are as strong as ever, bursting with an infectious spirit. ” -Mayer Danzig, Twangville Erica Blinn grew up with a musician father in a house where music always played. Her influences include a wide variety of rock and roll, pop, and soul music, including favorites Bonnie Raitt and Bob Seger. Her father encouraged her to begin writing songs as an outlet to deal with her parents' divorce. She fell in love with the harmonica after hearing Magic Dick play on the J. Geils Band record "Live" Full House.  Blinn is currently on a solo tour in which all of the emotional and energetic dynamics of her full band shine with new integrity through her soaring vocals, punctuated, solid rhythm guitar and inspiring blues harp solos.