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I Do This For the Strange, the Devoted, the Weird, the Demoted, the lonely, the un-rewarded, those same people's hearts I may or may not have stolen, the Stunned, the Defeated , the blundered, the negative creep kids, The is for thee, this is for the I , this is for me , because I can, because I am, because I am I , and he is me, because I am one of YOU!! I AM IN IT FOR THE LOVE , I am in it to stay strong TO RISE ABOVE, I am in it to survive, and I am in it to STAY ALIVE!! I am him, He is Me, My Name is, and always will Mother Fucking Be, I love like a no, I sting like a bee , the one, the only, only the lonely... again MY FRIENDS, MY ENEMIES, MY NAME IS Johnny!!! 
 Johnny Beverage 17'