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Dragon Inn 3 is an electronic pop project led by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin member Philip Dickey. Combining warm, melodic synth pop with the dark-hued ambiance of electronic forebears like Giorgio Moroder and Vangelis, the band debuted in 2012 with a self-released EP, returning six years later with a full-length on American Laundromat Records. The group's genesis dates back to 2012 when Dickey contributed the theme song to a short film by director E.P. Marcus called Ghoul School. The creativity sparked by working together quickly resulted in the two forming a band. Recruiting Dickey's sister, Sharon Bowie, and his wife Grace Bentley, the newly formed Dragon Inn 3 issued the Ghoul School EP later that year. Although the group's members were spread out between Kansas City, Los Angeles, and Springfield, Missouri, they spent the next six years chipping away at a full-length album, eventually signing on with American Laundromat Records. Combining playful '80s synth pop and the moody feel of the Blade Runner soundtrack, Dragon Inn 3's full-length debut, Double Line, appeared in August 2018. ~ Timothy Monger, Rovi