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During the summer of 2020, the artist A36 from Partille Gothenburg debuted with the single "ALIEN", the song took off immediately with his French hip hop inspired beat, A36 adds fast rap with a melodic background to the beat. 
 It all started with A36 friends pushing him to start with music as he often did freestyle in out in the neighborhood but never had thoughts of making a career. One day he was in the studio alone and found a beat on youtube he quickly downloaded it, recorded himself on the computer, then sent to a sound engineer who mixed together and put the master. A36 likes to describe himself as a alien and often keeps that theme in his music, covers and social media. 
 After that, the success continued A36 was named this year's newcomer by Kingsize magazine 2020, Spotify freshman class of 2020, dressed the cover of Spotify's 100 list, guest on Aden's album "Ingen efter tolv", Asme's album "Tussen flows". A36's music has also been praised on social media by Swedish icons such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Zara Larsson. 
 A36's big breakthrough came after the praised single "Samma Gamla Vanliga" topped the charts. The production is performed by the successful producer "Elai" where A36 continues to add its extraterrestrial touch and its unique flow over a melodic French-inspired beat. The successful single made multiple platinum in just a few months and has topped all the Swedish lists and made an huge impact in all of Scandinavia