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From the vineyard filled suburbs of the California Bay Area, Stevie Rae Stephens is a pop singer-songwriter whose powerhouse vocals, presented through honest lyricism and soaring melodies, create the perfect canvas for her message of empowerment and feminism. Through years of training and competitive singing, Stevie Rae has performed on American Idol season 12, the pitching mound of the San Francisco Giants AT&T Park, and a multitude of local stages in Nashville including The Grand Ole Opry. Her fiery voice cuts through even the loudest crowd with conviction and intention paired with unforgettable melodies and motifs of self love and worth. With multiple singles, albums, and EPs released, Stevie Rae finds joy in using her degree in audio engineering to produce and curate projects and push herself to continuously grow within new experiences. On the rare occasion Stevie Rae is not playing in local writer's rounds, you can find her vigorously performing impromptu scenes from the Obie-Award winning feminist play, The Vagina Monologues.  @stevieraestephens