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His grandfather played accordeon and harmonica, his grandmother played the piano. His grandmother -on his father´s side- played the guitar and sang and his grandfather a writer. His passion for singing grew in the school's religious choir. At sixteen years old, he took the family acoustic guitar Oregon to compose his firsts songs, play his music with bands on a public concerts to continue studying with masters and friends. His inspirations based on Folk, World Music, Jazz, Flamenco, Pop & Rock. ​ Albums: ¨Cosechando Juventud" and ¨Recopila¨; but proximately: ¨Varías¨, ¨Vida¨ and ¨Lowfu¨. ​ His motivations: ¨Exploring and translating the artistic vibrations of nature; music is a language: the way to communicate with people; singing and composing in life, the instruments, our companions, and songwriting as a work of thought for the humankind to persevere in giving what we ares and love."