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Slliqo Papii is an entertainer from South African with a history of being in the mainstream of the music industry through Trap Stance, a self invented type of dance, which was showcased in many promotional videos, concerts and festivals and music videos for artists like Cass, Febuary, Dj Milkshake with Champagne69 & Febuary, BanT, Frank Casino, Nadia Nakai, PatrickxxLee & Gator and Mykyle. With the experienced gained over a four year career in mainstream dance performance, Slliqo Papii has released his first debut single, "Pull Up For Service" with a new-age bass filled instrumental matched with a baritone voice similar to the late Pop Smoke. At the tender age of 23 and a history filled with experience and a passion for rhythm, Slliqo Papii has mastered his sound with a dynamic Hip-Hop flow backed up with a weird but unique beat selection that is easy to dance to with the most latest social media trending dance moves/routines like the "woah" or "woo". It is easy to vibe and dance to his music. Slliqo Papii has his sights on global validation with his debut EP, "Drugs Are Bad", which tells us about his experiences and perspective on a creeping pandemic, drug abuse.